We develop web & mobile applications for startups, enterprises and companies.


You will like our agile approach to the problems from first minute.


We provide UI/UX design, front-end & back-end development services with scalable teams. Besides that we have great experiences over automation systems

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Who you are?

Brand Identity

One of the most important desire of us is to increase your interaction with your customers and our main purpose of developing is to ensure it.

What do you look like?

Design & UI & UX

We present the best design using most suitable technology and frameworks to increase user experience of our product and go through it again and again to make it visually perfect.

What you do?

Development & Management

We can develop your website & mobile application with a custom CMS which full fills all your needs. We are capable to build it with pure php, laravel, wordpress, opencart or with Meteor.js.

Understandable & Customizable


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1. Idea

Listen to your project / idea, do analysis requirements with you, give advice on best practices.

2. Plan

Plan the process together and agree on scope, budget and timeframe.

3. Design

Do some wireframe designs for your approval. After approval we are completing whole design.

4. Implement

Implement user interface with code, using most suitable technologies and frameworks.

5. Deliver

Launch the project and start gathering user feedbacks.

6. Maintain

Based on the user feedback analysis, we iterate to refine and improve your product.


Our products have thousands of features and some of them are really special. However our strong side is not related with these features. It’s totally our approach to the problems. Because, these features are generally out of the box when it comes to your unique problems.

Skillful People

Our group is formed by skilful freelancers including designers and developers who are eager to take the job as their own project to serve their best.


We are generally working with global firms and pay attention on building multilingual web applications. You will be able to edit all parts of your web site, with our award-winning solution, in every language that your web site works.


We did lots of custom integration to 3rd party services and we have great experience over e-commerce. Our experience is not only about coding but also about the operations.


Our 3D, which is dreaming, designing and developing, can meet all your needs today. But there might be unexpected situations in future. Our code base is fully modular and has a great power to adapt these situations. We can always enchant your application with new features without breaking anything.

Documentation & Support

You will feel more comfortable with a nicely written documentation. Everything will be more easier and nuances will shine. Because of this, we really pay attention into documentation. If you still need help, we are always with you.


We are using Web Faction, Digital Ocean, Amazon or 3rd party CDNs to host files and Dropbox to take automatic backups daily.

Trusted Code

Our coding style is tracking recent trends and always up-to date. We’re spending all of our efforts to increase the quality of our products within the international & industrial standards.

Advanced Options

Your options in our service are limited with your thinking. We will do almost everything to satisfy all your needs.


Search engine optimisation is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results and it means an organic growth of your application. We care this in every line of code to naturally increase visiter flow to not only you but also to us. Because your visitors will eventually find us if they want to use our service.


Was very pleased with work and requirements being completed in a very timely fashion. Will work with again in future. 100% satisfied. Fantastic job, great communication! Thanks!


Really compromised programmers. They want to do the best way and Gunce Bektas always tries to find the best option to implement things. He treated the project as if he was the owner, and that's really difficult to find.I'll hire again to do more work.


Very good at customer satisfaction, guncebektas goes above and beyond to expectations to deliver excellent products. His team provides detailed updates throughout the project build and comes up with great ideas to implement. They are always thinking outside the box. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing custom website/coding work.


The project took a while, and communication took some getting use to. But I do like the fact that Gunce Bektas takes pride in the work done, and while it is a simple project, they never complained about spending time to get it right. I did have to provide more oversight and time than I would have liked, but all worked out well. The right work attitude will earn additional work in the future, many to come. Thanks.


Nice to work with them. Will definitely work again.



Useful Packages for Meteor.js

Useful Packages for Meteor.js

Our list is starting with standard packages which every meteor app should include and continue with other useful packages that we are using

Simurg Inn

Simurg Inn

One of the most preferred work that we do with relish, is building the website of a firm. If it’s a boutique hotel, it becomes a passion.

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